Is Joe Biden Catholic? “Yes”!

Can we say that Joe Biden is a Catholic? The real question is, does anyone think that a label can hide or erase the truth of our being?

This is a question that has been discussed before Joe Biden, and will continue to be debated for the next four years of President Biden’s administration, and beyond. The question: Can we say that Joe Biden is a Catholic, given his vocal and active rejection of a core teachings of the Catholic faith—namely, and perhaps among other things, the Church’s teaching on abortion? What about Nancy Pelosi who is guilty of the same?

The answer is “Yes, Biden is ‘Catholic’ ” and  “…that doesn’t matter”. Biden is “Catholic”, but Satan is an angel.

“A person cannot escape the truth and reality of their being”

Notice I put Catholic in quotes there.  It doesn’t matter what a person calls themselves, because a person cannot escape the truth and reality of their being.   Satan is an angelic being. An angel. But he’s a fallen angel.  He rejects God’s authority and renounced his place in Heaven. The devil does not serve God, he rejects him.  Is he still an angel? Yes. But the reality of his being is that he’s a fallen angel. What proceeds from that reality is the nature of his existence now. As a fallen angel he is a liar and a murder. He is the father of lies. He is the tempter.  He is the ancient enemy of the human race.

The reality of President Biden’s being is that he’s a dissident Catholic. He’s faithful in some ways, but rejects core Church teaching in others. He voices and acts on policies that are in direct conflict with Church teaching. According to Canon Law (See this website for a more exhaustive treatment of the Canons) he excommunicates himself by so doing. He puts himself outside of the Church.  Can he still call himself a Catholic? Well if “Catholic” means that he’s a baptized believer in Christ and in His Church, then I suppose he can call himself a Catholic. And satan can correctly call himself an angel. What difference does the label make if it is not in accord with the truth of his being?

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