f7471d42a8b2b6ab712142e6563f50d6c041c7554d3b3951f1398556450bbac9I am uninteresting at worst, and unimportant at best. It’s the “what am I?” that brings me to the keyboard right now. I am a Catholic Adventurer—a man on the adventure of being Catholic. Trying to give glory to God by being fully alive in His grace. In the service of the Holy Virgin Mary. Ave Maria, virgo fidelis!

I have a slightly more drawn out introduction in my first blog post, which you can find here. But if you want it short and sweet, I’m writing this blog to share my experiences, insights and thoughts with you. I’m not always the most insightful, my thoughts aren’t always brilliant, but I do have loads upon loads of experience in this Catholic adventure. So the blog is my way of sharing the fruits of that experience with you—the knowledge, the spirituality, the hard-earned wisdom—in the hopes that maybe it can help you as a fellow Catholic on the same adventure and journey to God.