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Coronavirus From a Catholic Perspective

My dear brothers and sisters: I bid you all, in our Lord Jesus Christ, peace!  May God’s peace be with you and with your families. I don’t generally start a blog post with such a seemingly pretentious greeting (I certainly don’t talk this way usually), but I start this one with a wish of peace

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Godlessness Fears Truthfulness

Fake news? Says who? Extremist speech? According to who? The latest craze in secular rhetoric is to disqualify truth by labeling it as fraudulent, dishonest, cruel, or unjust.  The secular super powers who control the information are becoming the arbiters of what information is worthy of being seen, read or heard. Today, it’s political speech.

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The Sex Scandal, and the Deeper Issue in the Church

Here we go again! The sex abuse crisis in the Church is, once again, all over the news, and various priests and bishops are, once again, offering commentary and expressing sadness, shock, shame, while calling for changes and remedies within the Church. It’s like 2002 all over again. But the real problem will continue to

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