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When Catholic Talk is Cheap

Talk is cheap. Only actions have high value.  That is universally true because talk doesn’t directly make change.  Actions do. Talk I’m increasingly confused and frustrated by the Church’s modern rhetoric. Too often it seems to be an extension of the secular mind, rather than of Catholic thought.  The secular world—particularly today—focuses on flavor-of-the-month issues.

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Catholic Civil War, Part 1 – Political Catholicism

There is war afoot. It’s taking place within and throughout the Catholic Church.  It’s a practical schism that threatens to lead to an actual schism.  While we should be focussed on the real battle against the “powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil”, as St. Paul tells us in his letter

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Ireland Spits at God, Begs his Wrath in Repeal of 8th Amendment

In a referendum vote, the people of Ireland have voted to repeal the 8th Amendment to their constitution, effectively clearing  the way for legal abortion.  This is yet another moment where the people, not a court, not a handful of judges, but the people of Ireland have voted in favor of an objective, intrinsic evil that defies both God and

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