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Save the Church! Start With Yourself.

The Church is always in need of rebuilding and renewal.  The Apostles were scattered at Gethsemane; only John, and the Holy Virgin were present at the cross.  So many disciples abandoned Jesus when the Word was too difficult for them to accept on that day that Our Lord said “If you do not eat the

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Traditionalism – Catholic Civil War Part 2

Yesterday I talked about how a modern Catholic “civil war” is leaving us, and all mankind, weak, confused, and vulnerable to the assault of the ancient enemy on mankind.  This Catholic civil war is being fought between three main camps within the Church; Political Catholics, Traditionalists, and Modernist.  I talked about political Catholicism in that

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Can People Still Be “Good” Without Going to Mass?

This is probably the one statement or question I hear most often in my experience in evangelization and apologetics. Coming in several forms, wrapped in a variety of moral claims, it goes something like this…  “I don’t have to go to mass to be a good person.” Alternatively, “Yeah, I/He/She/They don’t go to mass, but

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